December 9, 2020 S2 Episode 18 - Empower, Lead, & Live on Purpose with Karen Collins

Karen Collins is an Executive and Career Coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute. She is also a mom, wife, sister, daughter and a serial non-profit board member. At least that’s how her website describes Karen, but to really know whoo she is, you’re going to have to tune in and hear for yourself, because as she tells it, whoo you are is not what you do, it’s what you value and your life purpose that really make up whoo you were born to be.

Like many Outstanding Women Leaders, Karen seemingly had it all. She was VP of a consulting firm where she was making a positive impact on non-profit organizations, interacting with C-level executives and leaders at all levels whoo assured her she was implementing change that was meaningful and worthy. A senior leader in a growing company, sitting on 3 non-profit boards, with a side business that feed her passion for coaching, AND a beautiful family, Karen just assumed she would be happy with all of these boxes checked. Spoiler alert, she was miserable.

This realization led Karen on her own journey with a Co-Active coach who empowered her to lead her life in the direction of her values and purpose. But first, Karen would need to get really clear on what those values really were and how those values, before she could start living on purpose and finally “have it all.”

Tune in to hear this witty and wise Co-Active conversation on empowering others to live and lead on purpose! Karen shares what she learned working with a coach, as well as her own tips for reframing your Imposter Syndrome and dealing with those sabatour voices that hold us back from empowering and leading others.


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