After a 20 year career as a blue-color factory worker in St. Louis, Missouri, Marlene Chism woke up one day and decided to she was ready for something different, but she wasn't quite sure what that was yet. Her first step towards something new was signing up for toastmasters.  

That decision led to a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and landing her first book deal with Wiley, followed by 4 more books, including her newly released book, From Conflict to Courage: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading.

Today, Marlene is a seasoned speaker, thought partner, advisor, coach, author, and widely recognized as the leading US authority on stopping workplace drama.


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S3 Episode 13 - Leadership That Unearths Excellence with Susi Tully Milligan

May 4, 2022

Susi Tully Milligan is a former local-lebrity in Hoboken, New Jersey, a life-long storyteller, and founder of the Hoboken non-profit mentoring organization, TRUE Mentors. 

After a 15+ year career supporting the growth of fortune 100 companies in New York City through digital marketing, Susi's passion for people and Jesus, led her to start a mentoring program for children with seed money from a local church. It was through this all-volunteer based program that Susi began developing leaders to support the mission and vision of providing 1:1 mentoring services for our most at-risk youth. 

After assembling a strong team, Susi took her next leap of faith and let Jesus take the wheel, literally. With her husband and son along for the RV ride, they drove across the country looking for a place that looked just like the one God had put on Susi's heart. Spoiler alert, they found it! 

Tune in to hear OWL about Susi's love of Jesus, her family, and knack for telling a good story. 

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S3 Episode 12 - Evolve Your Coaching Business with Kat Knchet

March 2, 2022

Kat Knecht is an internationally known business coach who has helped thousands of coaches achieve their dream of professional success through her Business Academy and as a leader for The Co-Active Training Institute. 

Kat believes wholeheartedly in the human potential and has made her impact on others through her work as a coach, trainer, author, interfaith minister and inspiring speaker.

With her know-how and fun down-to-earth style, she brings a rare wisdom to those who want to succeed financially while staying aligned and inspired by their higher purpose.

Kat is the author of the best-selling book “The Soul Search” and her book “Evolve Your Coaching Business” will be published later this year. She brings OWL her insights from expertise gained from 20 years of success as a professional coach, as well as her extensive training as a relationship and business coach.

Tune in to hear OWL of Kat's wisdom on evolving your coaching business and hear about Kat's journey through Co-Active coaching, ministry and more! 

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S3 Episode 11 - Team Coaching Done Right with Céline Williams

March 1, 2022

Céline Williams (ACC, CCUG) is an international speaker and the founder of reVisionary, a boutique consulting firm providing executive coaching, leadership development, and culture services to human-focused businesses around the world. Céline has made it her life mission to help human-focused leaders and companies find alignment, navigate change, up their EQ, and improve performance.

Céline has almost 20 years’ experience working with growing organizations to help them navigate change and build leadership capacity, and is the trusted advisor to leaders and executives in a variety of industries. She is  sought after for her expertise in accelerating team performance, designing culture, navigating change, and facilitating effective communication. 

Tune in to hear how Céline supports teams and organizations to work together more effectively, give and receive feedback, and recognize and recover from failure. 

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Wit & Wisdom - The Science of Stress

November 24, 2021

This week's episode is OWL about the Science of Stress--the root cause, the impact on your brain, and how 10 seconds can dramatically improve your ‘relationship’ with stress and your mental capacity to manage it.

If you’re physically fit, you can climb steep hills without physical stress. If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s challenges with ease and flow, free of stress and anxiety.

Tune in to hear how 10 seconds can strengthen one of your core mental muscles and help you develop a greater capacity to handle all of life's challenges. 

S3 Episode 10 - Wellbeing and Resiliency with Michelle Dickinson

November 10, 2021

Michelle E. Dickinson is a passionate mental health advocate, a TED speaker, and a published author of a memoir entitled Breaking Into My Life. After years of playing the role of child caregiver, Michelle embarked on her own healing journey of self-discovery. Her memoir offers a rare glimpse into a young girl’s experience living with—and loving—her bipolar mother. Michelle spent years working to eradicate the mental health stigma within her own workplace by elevating compassion, causing more open conversations, and leading real change in how mental illness is understood in the workplace.

Michelle also knows first-hand what it feels like to struggle with a mental illness after experiencing her own depression due to challenging life events of her own just a few years ago. Michelle recently concluded her 19-year pharmaceutical career and became an entrepreneur. She has emerged from her own challenging life events with a strong desire to positively impact the mental health landscape within the first responder community, the workplace and within local communities. 

Tune in to hear Michelle share her tips on creating a healthy and resilient workplace!

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S3 Episode 9 - Groovin‘ to the Truth with Misty Tripoli

November 3, 2021

Misty Tripoli is the Creator of The Groove Method™ and Founder of The World Groove Movement. Misty is also a self-titled Truth Warrior, best known for her ability to enlighten others with her keep-it-real, tell-it-like-it-is, no-holds-barred approach to life and her powerful gift of getting people to dance their hearts out and reclaim their authenticity through movement and self reflection.

Misty has been a movement and dance addict her whole life. In the early 2000’s, at the top of her game and under contract with NIKE as a Global Elite Athlete, Director of a top health club in California and in demand working with companies like Reebok, Sketchers, YogaWorks and Equinox.

She was also severely bulimic, overworked and exhausted. She cracked. When the illusion came crashing down she woke up to something extremely powerful and liberating: the Groove Truths. 

From here she launched her global company, The World Groove Movement, and shares her story and passion for movement, inspiring millions to come together and get their Groove on! She continues to travel the world igniting communities and encouraging hearts to come together to be authentic, creative and have as much fun as humanly possible.

Tune in and groove to the truth with Misty and Katie and hear her inspiring story of how she created a movement!

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S3 Episode 8 - The Belonging Project with Andrea Fleischfresser

October 27, 2021

Born in one of the most multicultural cities in the south of Brazil (Curitiba/Paraná), Andrea Fleischfresser was exposed to the strength and beauty of diversity from a young age. It ignited a fire in her to connect with and learn as much as possible about different people, their languages, their traditions and gifts. Andrea’s love of culture led her to Milan, Italy for 12 years, before moving to the States (Michigan to be exact), where she currently resides. 

After 10+ years as an HR professional, Andrea founded Destination You Coaching, supporting global leaders around the world to become more effective in leaderships skills, cross-cultural awareness, and unconscious bias. 

Tune in and hear Andrea and Katie discuss unconscious bias and Andrea's latest work with The Belonging Project. 


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S3 Episode 7 - Project Bahama Mama & Papa with Sofia Whitehead

July 14, 2021

Sofia Whitehead is a photographer, published author, and CoActive coach currently sailing around the Bahamas on a mission to photograph and publish her second book! Sofia was born in Nassau (Bahamas) and lived there until she left to attend school in Austria, followed by high school in Uruguay and college in New York City. 


Sofia learned early on how to adapt to different environments and also found her love for photography. In 2015 Sofia launched her first coffee table book project, Bahama Mama, traveling the islands to capture the wisdom and portraits form the mothers that hold the country together. Fast forward to 2021 and Sofia is once again sailing the islands for her Bahama Papa project, capturing the male wisdom and perspectives. 


Tune in to hear what Sofia has learned from the Bahamian men and women over the years and get inspired to take a trip to visit the Bahamas! 


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S3 Episode 6 - Thriving on the South Side of Chicago with Kadesiah Pugh

July 2, 2021

Kadesiah Pugh is Longwood Academy graduate and survivor of Katie's AP history class. A bright and talented OWL, she is the very definition of what it means to live on purpose, always striving to "be the person she needed to become" to help her get through tough times. Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago, Kadeisah kept her hope and dreams alive, believing in her heart that she was born to thrive!

Sophomore year of college, Kadesiah received news that no sister ever wants to hear, her brother was murdered on the streets of Chicago. As hard as she tried to stick it out that semester, Kadesiah knew that moving back home to be with her family was where she belonged. Looking back, this was the best decision she could have made. It was here she decided to join the military and pursue her dream of college AND traveling the world!


Tune in to hear OWL about Kadesiah's experience in the military and what she's learned from the people she's met on OWL her travels! This young OWL is back in the Chicagoland area and on a mission to share her experiences and make a difference in her community.