September 17, 2020 Bring Your Own Brain - Let’s talk about leadership!

What does leadership look like in the COVID and post-COVID (fingers crossed) world for business leaders, educators, politicians, parents, people on their pursuit of happiness? Well for this witty and wise OWL, it looks like an invitation to Bring your own brain and have a conversation about! Today’s guests are two men whoo give a hoot about Outstanding Women Leaders, supporting business leaders, and connecting through conversation. Tune in to hear our brains discuss business and educational leadership, and how to close the female leadership gap.

Meet our guests!

Mitch Beinhaker is a business law and estates attorney with more than 25 years of experience representing business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals providing advice, guidance and legal work to help keep clients on their road to success. He is also the creator and host of The Accidental Entrepreneur Podcast and a connector of humans.

Trevor Anderson is an accomplished and strategic business partner with 15+ years of cross-functional finance & operations experience in the private equity backed market. His passion has always been to ‘do the right thing’ both in business and life, believing that it is important to be a positive influence on others. His father showed him the value of a relationship, both personal and professional, and he hopes to help others along the way.