December 13, 2020 Bonus Episode - Create a life you love and rewrite your story with Chantal Cox

On this bonus episode, educator, author, and transformational coach, Chantal Cox, is sharing how she is finding peace and joy in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. Creating a life you love while simultaneously teaching during a pandemic can feel impossible, but Chantal is here to tell you that it is possible—even with fewer days off, distance learning, in-person learning, and all the on-the-job learning that happens every day.

So how do teachers begin to rewrite their story and create a life they love? OWL give you a hint, it starts with giving yourself permission to invest in self-care for your heart and brain. Self-care that gives educators the time and and space they need to reset, refresh, and reconnect with their values and “why.” And laughter, lots of laughter, which is why this episode kicks off with Chantal’s “why,” and Katie’s favorite funny first day of school story!

Tune in to hear Chantal and Katie reconnect with their own reasons why they became teachers, reminisce about the students that made the tough times OWL worth it, and share what teachers can expect in their upcoming teacher virtual retreat! If you’re not a teacher, tune in anyway and laugh, learn and get empowered to reconnect with your purpose, rewrite your story, and create a life you love!

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Rewrite Your Story and Create a Life You Love
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